About Conscious Strong

What is Conscious Strong™?

Conscious Strong™ is feeling good while living your best life from a place of balance & strength

Conscious Strong™ is more than a wellness program – it’s a lifestyle created to cultivate balance and joy by combining key elements to build strength in all areas of life. By incorporating simple routines into your day, the Conscious Strong™ lifestyle helps you relieve stress and pain, boost your focus and self-awareness, increase your strength and flexibility, and improve your mood.

Move beyond painful and confusing life challenges to live a life that is truly healthy, inside and out. Learn to live Conscious Strong™.

After countless hours of research on the mind-body connection, our founder Lauren McClerkin identified a simple method for helping people feel good and live their best lives by incorporating mindfulness and reflection into the physical practice of Pilates. Her unique approach combines three essential elements into a lifestyle of balance and strength.


Our lives move at a fast pace. Our days are often filled with a variety of demands for our time and attention, and many of us move frantically from one thing to the next. Through meditation and simple mindfulness techniques, we release stress and make space for balance, peace, and joy. We allow ourselves to heal from trauma, renew our energy, and process the emotional and intellectual aspects of our lives.


You can heal from pain and injury. You can discover renewed strength and flexibility. You can move your body in a way that brings healing, energy, and vitality. Age doesn’t matter and neither do physical limitations. You can start where you are and learn simple movements based on the practice of Pilates. Through this daily movement, we build a foundation of physical vitality, strength, and flexibility.


Our minds and bodies tell us about our health through clues about our wellbeing. Reflection allows us to interpret these clues and use the insight they reveal to create a deeper balance and sense of harmony in our lives. Living Conscious Strong™ means becoming a student of your mind and body so you can give yourself what you need to thrive. As we listen and reflect, we create a cycle of balance and joyful living that transforms our experience of life.

What does it mean to live Conscious Strong™? Join us and discover how you can feel good and enjoy life from a place of balance and strength.

Lauren McClerkin is the Founder of Conscious Strong™, a multi-certified Pilates instructor, and the owner of an award-winning North Carolina fitness studio. She understands the challenges of balancing a busy family and career with self-care and personal growth. The Conscious Strong™ lifestyle comes out of her own journey to find balance and fulfillment in all areas of her life.