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Learn to live the Conscious Strong Lifestyle

Our Foundation Course guides you through every aspect of living Conscious Strong™. You’ll learn the simple practices you need to cultivate balance, build physical and inner strength, and transform your life.

Discover freedom from pain, stress, and anxiety. Join us and learn to live Conscious Strong™!

The Conscious Strong™ Foundation Course

Join Lauren McClerkin on a journey to strength and vitality inside this groundbreaking online course. Combining engaging video lessons with helpful tools and resources, Lauren teaches you the three core principles of the Conscious Strong™ lifestyle.

You’ll learn simple daily practices to:

  • eliminate pain & increase flexibility
  • build physical strength & vitality
  • step away from stress & into joy
  • stand strong during the storms of life
  • identify how to thrive mentally, physically, & emotionally

You’ll discover the power of balancing physical strength with mental clarity and emotional resilience. Your journey to strength and vitality begins with a willingness to try and the investment of just 15 minutes per day.

The Conscious Strong™ Foundation Course includes:

  • Engaging video lessons to teach core concepts and movements.
  • Guided meditations and mindfulness techniques.
  • Resources to help you reflect and adjust your practice.
  • Lifetime access to course materials, including updates and revisions.
  • Membership in The Conscious Strong™ Community.

Don’t wait… join us now. This is the perfect time to embrace the Conscious Strong™ lifestyle!

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