Finding the Flow in Life: Learning to Live Conscious Strong™

Do you ever experience life as flowing? Do you have days or at least moments where everything is smoothly flowing like water and it all just works? If you can’t immediately recall moments like that (or even if you can), you likely relate to feeling the opposite. From time to time, even the most centered people experience life being edgy, where it feels as if we live in a pinball machine hitting bumpers and hard corners. These are very normal experiences for all of us. The challenge is learning to balance between the two. How do we do this?

I recall many times, while parenting, when one moment would be full of belly laughs and the next full of piercing cries. These big swings of emotion were exhausting. When my youngest child was born, I became a parent of five children under the age of 9. Wow, life was never dull. I had to very quickly learn to adapt and maneuver through the high octane range of emotions, noise and chaos on a daily basis.

There were many days where I wanted to get away completely. Exhausted and about to collapse on many occasions, I would find myself checking out and this is when all hell would break loose. After many years of this, I finally started to get it. “OH, when I am not present and mentally check out, the situation gets worse! I learned this the hard way as most of us do. But I finally got it.

Consciousness: This will help you find the balance.

Mindfulness and Consciousness. These are buzzwords today. They are tossed around in every trendy magazine and news article. It seems all of the celebrities and athletes are using mindfulness tools to help find balance and strength in life… but are they really?

To genuinely find purpose and meaning in life, you must look within. There is no question. When you are able to look within and find the inner will and the strength to live consciously, you will find that all other strengths you desire will form organically. This makes life so beautiful.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, this inner sense of being will help you become more in tune with what’s going on around you. When you are aware of what’s going on around you and living in the moment, you will find that life moves in a much calmer and more fluid fashion. This is when you start to experience the state of flow.

According to one psychologist, Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who did extensive research on happy people during the depression, happiness is all about finding an internal “state of flow.” Csikszentmihalyi discovered that despite all that was negatively impacting the world, there were segments of the population that had the gift to remain happy and optimistic even under extreme hardship. And the key to finding happiness is to focus within.

The Discovery of Mindfulness and Movement Together

With my personal discovery that staying present helped to calm the situation with my children, I happened upon another great personal discovery. I had always considered working out to be a part of my “therapy.” Growing up playing tennis, I had tapped into the inner game of moving your body. But, like with my parenting, it took me a long time to have that “a-ha” moment. The deeper a-ha moment that led me to this Conscious Strong™ journey was when I went to my first Pilates class. For that hour, I connected my mind to my movement and I literally walked away from that hour feeling as if my life had changed. It was that powerful.

Fast-forward 15 years and I am now a master certified PIlates trainer teaching the very same movement practice that changed me forever. In my many years of teaching, I now see from another perspective how difficult it is for many to stop checking out emotionally and to stay present while engaging in exercise. There are phones buzzing and to-to lists spinning in our minds all while we try to engage in the moment of moving.

But, when I get the client who truly walks in willing to be vulnerable and to remain present during the course of the workout, there is a light that turns on in the eyes, body, and soul and it is so beautiful to witness. This led to my fascination and desire to find the answer to why the body responds so favorably when the timing of being present in the mind and moving deep into the core of our structure align.

In this video, I describe the intimate connection between mindfulness and movement that is the core of the Conscious Strong™ system.

This is living Conscious Strong™. Are you ready to join? Become a founding member today with one of the many offerings in our iFundWomen crowdfund.

Life is beautiful. Every experience is beautiful. We are so excited about our new offerings at Conscious Strong™ that will help develop the tools that will guide us towards living this lifestyle every day.

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