The Art of Living Consciously: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Let’s talk about getting out of your comfort zone and remaining conscious and strong at the same time. Yesterday, I arrived alone in Italy. Yes, I often host Conscious Strong™ retreats here. But this time, I’m here for me. I have come seeking wellness and to immerse myself to learn the language.

There are a few reasons why I am out of my comfort zone this time. While traveling alone does not bother me, being in a county where I am not able to speak the native language does! Going back to school does. Learning a language at 52 seems daunting, especially when learning does not come easy for me. Also, living with a host family I do not know creates a little anxiety. But almost as soon as I arrived, I wondered why I was at all nervous. This is amazing!

Gratitude and the art of living consciously

I just finished an amazing yoga class at @relaxfirenze overlooking the Piazza de Republica in Florence Italy. The instructor asked if I wanted her to teach the class in Italian or English. I went out of my comfort zone and said Italian please. Though I could not understand most of what she was saying, I began to follow. And, she was amazing to share some in English to help me better understand the Italian. I have so much gratitude flowing after that class.

This opens up the door again to how vulnerability can help each of us grow more than we realize. When we step out of our comfort zones and approach the situation with full consciousness, beautiful things light up both inside and out. We are all human, no matter the culture and differences.

Living a lifestyle that supports your mind-body balance

Conscious Strong™ is about living a lifestyle of mind and body balance. So how does this relate to getting outside of your comfort zone? This is an exercise mainly for the mind, yes. Trying new things keeps our minds fresh and open to what might come. When you take that step to get outside of what’s familiar, you will find that same magic. It frees you from judgment and allows your mind and body to respond most favorably. You will tap into the innermost part of your being and that will inevitably bring joy, no matter the circumstances.

Is it that easy. No, it is not. It comes with work and practice. Just like learning a new language, learning Yoga, learning to play an instrument, or learning to play a sport, it takes dedication and commitment. But what you find on the other side of the work is a life filled with joy, even on the days when you wake up feeling not at all joyous.

Fear can hold us back from living. The fear of stepping out of our comfort holds us back from reaching our full potential. This is the mind limiting the body. This is just the opposite of finding that mind-body balance we’re all seeking. You may choose to live this way. That is your choice. But, if you are trying to find change in your life, I will ask that you take seriously the Conscious Strong™ approach to stepping out of your comfort zone and give it a try. It may create some changes that will surprise you, but take each of those changes and give gratitude for them. Change does not come without a shakeup and can often be uncomfortable. When you give gratitude for the situation, you will release all of the inner voices that are holding you back. I promise.

This has been a journey. Not just this trip to Italy, but my entire passion journey that led me to create Conscious Strong™. What this proves to me is that we all have it in us, despite any limitations we feel. We all have it; whatever “it” means to you.

Here’s an exercise that may help: Get out your journal and start writing down what you aspire to in your life. Also, write down what you feel any limitations may be. This is the first step towards processing and learning what you need to eliminate in your life in order to open up the channels to this lifestyle. On the other side, you will find that you will be a much better parent, spouse, employee, and friend. These are the most important aspects of living.

Conscious Strong™ is a foundation for helping your ground and balance life. Then, the continued practice is what will help you build on top of this foundation the clarity for each step forward, no matter the activity or situation.

Learn more about the Conscious Strong™ Foundation Course and how it can help you begin your personal journey. And if you would like to talk with me personally, I invite you to register for a free 20 minute Conscious Strong Lifestyle session.

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