A day of global deep breathing

Immunity – I’m Calling for a Global Day of Deep Breathing

We can all use some immunity in today’s environment.  Immunity from COVID-19. Immunity from injustice and immunity from violence.

How have we become so susceptible to disease, civil injustice, and violence today? Have we lost all sense of love, compassion, and value for living?  Are we really that divided? We are all blessed to have the breath we are given to which sustains our lives and yet we choose to keep our breath very shallow and unappreciated for the power it has.  No matter the disease and no matter how harmful the circumstances that lie in front of you, you have your breath to give you hope.  Your breath is your lifeline. And, it is the lifeline that we all need to give gratitude for each day we are living. 

There are two ways to relate your breath to living.  You can choose to breathe a shallow breath and receive a shallow existence.  Or, you can choose to breathe in the deepest and richest breath to find depth and richness in return.  It is rather powerful how your life responds to the energy of your breath.

If the world could stop for just a moment and deep breathe together, we would find a momentary pause in peace. I am calling for a World Wide Deep Breathing Day – a day to help guide us to peace and justice one breath at a time. 

I am not naive to the pain and hardships that exist today. Nor am I denying that many have lost lives unjustly, lost jobs, and lost a sense of dignity from the darkness that has loomed over our globe. I am simply saying that pausing in silence and taking in the deepest breaths possible can help manage how we respond to the circumstances in front of us. 

I ask for a day of Global Deep Breathing.  A day where all we focus on is gratitude for being able to breathe. Take a moment out of your day to pause, do some deep breathing all while reciting this out loud or to yourself: 

May I be safe. May I be well. May I be free from injustice. And in my fear and ignorance, may I do no harm. May we be empowered by one another’s strength and inspired only by the acts of love.  May fear turn to trust and hatred into love.  May there be peace on Earth.  

I can breathe. I will breathe. I must breathe. I am breathing.

I breathe in healing light and breathe out love. Love surrounds me, protects me and others around me.  

To the black community, I pray that this time of reckoning will lead to long term change – to justice, to equity, to liberation for all. We see you, we hear you and we stand with you! #BlackLivesMatter  No matter how hard things seem right now, remember that we can and we will get through this.

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