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The Conscious7 Blueprint Program

We’ll be discussing weight management as one of the 7 pillars of health and well-being as so many people are desperate to lose weight, but are confused by all the information necessary to get sustainable results.

Fight the Urges

You could say that losing weight is simple and it is, but it does not mean easy as many people experience having no self-control, have lost their willpower, have no motivation and cannot stop eating.

Helping You Achieve Success

In The Conscious7 Blueprint, we are going to tackle the three biggest problems.


Problem 1. I have no self-control

Problem 2. I have lost my willpower

Problem 3. I am just not motivated

Almost daily, we are bombarded with the latest health trends, diets, research, and headlines The result is often confusion and a cluttered and contradictory narrative that leaves us uncertain in knowing what’s best for our health and wellness and our families.

In The 7 Pillars of Health & Well Being we will cut through the cluttered messaging and identify 7 ways to reinforce the foundations of health, well-being and happiness.

The Conscious7 Blueprint Program will discuss the foundation of the core 7 pillars of health & well being and how you can practically apply them into your daily life using these 7 key simple steps.

The foundations of these pillars contribute to the 20% that produces 80% of restoring and optimizing your health and well being.

By mastering these 7 foundations you will feel better, look better and perform better in all areas of your personal and professional life.


“The Brain Map Breakthrough was a huge insight into the right type of foods and activities as I was struggling to lose weight and stabilize my blood sugar levels. The report and one to one coaching helped me to lose weight, something I struggled with for many years because I was doing the wrong type of exercise and eating the wrong type of foods for my body type and what you call my brain chemistry profile. Within 3 months I lost weight, changed my job and now feel better, look better and perform better.”

Thank you, Lauren and Peter!

– Cheryl

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