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Benefits of Pilates:

Pilates is Whole Body - Mind Fitness

It focuses on your core center, your breath, awareness and overall strength and flexibility.

Pilates is for Absolutely EVERYONE

It’s low-impact and customizable to each person’s level and needs.

Pilates creates long, strong muscles.

In Pilates, you are building toned muscles that work well both with your body as a whole and your functional fitness as you move through life.

Pilates improves your posture

It allows for better balance and overall symmetry in your body and life. This alignment is a natural boost in your hormones, which boosts the mind and mood. through life.

Pilates improves Your Body Shape

When Pilates is practiced regularly, your body shape will change naturally. This is one of the healthiest approaches to weight release.

You get results – Guaranteed

In this weekly master class, you will gain a new perspective of movement and exercise. We back this with a full guarantee.

Get that deeper connection.

More importantly, you will start to establish a deeper connection to your mind and body. In doing so, you will feel a deeper connection to the world around you allowing your personal and professional life to be in better balance.

In this weekly class, we are going to tackle the three biggest problems.

Problem 1. I am not strong enough for Pilates.

X False – Pilates is for EVERYONE and EVERY level.

Problem 2. I am not flexible in my body and am afraid it will hurt.

X False – With proper guidance, you will be stretched to your limits where it meets your ability.

Problem 3. I am not motivated and don't have the time.

X False – We all have the time and motivation wanes with time. We will work on reframing the way you relate to motivation and time constraints.

About the Instructor

“Hi there! I am Lauren McLaughlin. Having been a master-certified Pilates instructor for over fifteen years and the owner of an award-winning North Carolina wellness studio, I have had the pleasure and experience to witness life transformations in my clients.

Being a mother of five children, I totally understand the challenges of balancing a busy family and career with self-care and personal growth. It takes patience and persistence.”

I personally guarantee you will will walk away with a new sense of self. “

~ Lauren

Lauren McLaughlin