Pilates for Mental Wellness


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A Weekly Master Class with Lauren Every Wednesday at 9 AM EST

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Pilates is Whole Body – Mind Fitness that focuses on your core center, your breath, awareness and overall strength and flexibility.
  • Pilates is for EVERYONE, is low-impact and customizable to each person’s level and needs.
  • Pilates creates long, strong muscles. In Pilates, you are building toned muscles that work well both with your body as a whole and your functional fitness as you move through life.
  • Pilates improves your posture, allowing for better balance and overall symmetry in your body and life. This alignment is a natural boost in your hormones, which boosts the mind and mood.
  • When Pilates is practiced regularly, your body shape will change naturally. This is one of the healthiest approaches to weight release.


In this weekly master class, you will gain a new perspective of movement and exercise. I will back this with a full guarantee.

More importantly, you will start to establish a deeper connection to your mind and body. In doing so, you will feel a deeper connection to the world around you allowing your personal and professional life to be in better balance.

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Pilates for Mental Wellness 1 Class, Pilates for Mental Wellness Monthly


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