The Narrative

Who’s Writing Your Narrative?

A narrative is a spoken or written account of events. We all have a narrative. Who is writing your narrative is a different story. Are you the author, or is someone else writing it for you? The authorship of who you are is where it can get fascinating.

When you allow others (i.e., society and media) to take the lead in writing your narrative, you strip yourself of your being. The moment you give your soul or being to another’s narrative view, you will lose all autonomy and act solely under the influence of pure emotion, desire, and lust. Once in the valley of greed and lust, it is challenging to return to, or understand, morality. Superficially responding to life invariably leads to a life filled with pain and suffering.

If you are incapable of penetrating the surface of your superficial being by treading only in the shallowness of life, you will always be chasing, blaming, and accusing. You will always wear a mask to cover your identity, and you will stand cowardly like the wizard, boasting empty or direct threats of harm. You will shake your head in disgust more than you hold out your hand to help. You will find fault in others more than you compliment their successes.

When you author your narrative, you will find abundance all around you. The glass will be more than half full, and your vision will be clear and centered. You will have the ability to navigate challenging times that will keep you free from the rabbit holes, and you will find your life manageable again. As the author, you will stand more grounded and engaged as a leader, no matter your role or profession.

Are you ready to be the author of your narrative? It’s never too late.

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